Interview with Cynthia Hurn

Strange, Crazy, and Unique Self-Care Practices

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Cynthia Hurn

Cynthia Hurn is a freelance writer, editor, and co-author of several award-winning non-fiction books. She has been fascinated by telling stories since early childhood. As she grew up, she discovered its potential for bringing about healing, growth, and understanding. 

In her mid-fifties, Cynthia began writing professionally helping people publish their inspirational memoir or non-fiction title. Her favorite books to write are about people (and animals) whose traumatic experiences or life challenges sparked their transformation and created blueprints for living inspirational lives. Cynthia has collaborated on several books with world renown Dr. Bernie Siegel, a retired surgeon and spiritual teacher who helped to change the approach of modern medicine to one that comes from the heart and helps people to realize their own self-healing. Cynthia has also enjoyed working with many other authors, helping them to tell their stories of transformation and healing through life’s traumas and challenges.

Now Cynthia is excited to announce the release of her first fiction, a heart-warming historical adventure that appeals to readers from 8 to 99. “The Shimmering” is a historical fiction based on diaries and archives from the Oregon Trail in the mid-1800s and in England in the 21st century which crosses into the mystery of then and now.

Cynthia currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her partner, their five adopted dogs, two rescued horses, and four feral cats. With the start of the pandemic, Cynthia began farming organic vegetables that she continues to harvest and donate to her local foodbank. Her second beloved home is in the Southwest of England near her daughter and four grandchildren.

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