Interview with Dr. Lesley Phillps

Intuition and Self-Care

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Dr. Lesley Phillps

Dr. Lesley Phillips is the author of Intuition and Chakras: How to Increase Your Psychic Development Through Energy; a book that helps you work with energy to safely open your unique profile of psychic abilities and build a reliable system of inner wisdom using your energy body.

She is a Ph.D. scientist who became a psychic and is now on a mission to make the extraordinary ordinary and the supernatural natural. Her passion is to empower others to follow their guidance. To this end, she founded the School of Intuition, an online psychic development school. Lesley also hosts an award-winning radio show and podcast called Unlocking Your Truth. She wants to help people shift from mystery to mastery when it comes to meditation, intuition, and energy. She wrote her first book, The Midas Tree, which is a spiritual adventure novel, to make learning meditation fun for everyone, including kids. Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips is a spiritual teacher, and energy master. She has taught 1000’s over the last 20 years in classes, readings, healings, and meditations. She is an ordained minister, spiritual counselor, and teacher (C.D.M. Spiritual Teaching Center, WA, USA). Her Ph.D. is in natural product discovery. She used to search the Earth for new medicines and was a biotech executive.  This blend of scientist and mystic appeals to people who wish to connect intellect and intuition. Lesley grew up in the UK and Australia and has lived in Canada since 1998.


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