Interview with Karyn Grant-Turley

Joyful Nurturing and Joyful Living

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Karyn Grant-Turley

For over a decade, Karyn Grant-Turley, Joy Coach, Singer, Songwriter, LMT, Author, Speaker, Compassionate Intuitive & Vibrational Attunement Massage Therapist, has quietly and serenely performed her mission. Her bona fide “Joy Coaching System” mentors the heart, mind, body and spirit with music, massage, meditation, and aromatherapy (a holistic approach), releasing grief and bringing comfort to thousands in one-on-one sessions.

Considered the Florence Nightingale of her “Healing Hearts with Healing Arts” craft, Karyn further ministers to audiences on stage, as a guest speaker, teaching classes and workshops. Karyn, a Coronado, California native, refers to her method as “The Healer’s Touch™,” which combines special essential oil blends she has personally created for various needs, combined with her life’s work of writing and singing over 1000 original Christ-centered songs, lullabies, musical meditations and instrumentals. Karyn’s compassionate lyrics inspire and uplift the human heart, mind, and spirit.

Karyn has also created the “The Joyful Living Series” as a set of five modules. With the exception of the first module, an overall introductory module, these modules consist of one mini-course for a basic Level 1 and a second mini-course for a more advanced Level 2. Both levels are designed to teach Nurturing Heart, Home, and Family” within the family, community, and across the nation by trained and certified Regional Joy Coaches. The focus of the teaching is to support mothers and grandmothers as they learn the loving art and practice of cherishing and nurturing as a simple process for joyful nurturing (Level 1) and joyful living (Level 2) for themselves and their own family without renumeration.  These modules include the Cherishing Heart Recipe Book: How to Mend a Broken Heart, The Healer’s Touch™, Divine Essence™, The Lullaby Connection™, and The Ancient Legacy™.

Karyn is married to Del Turley, a native Arizonan. She is also the mother of a beautiful blended family of 13 children (some in their mid-30’s) and forty-five grandchildren!



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