Interview with Kelsey Low

Self-Love Journaling

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Kelsey Low

Kelsey Low is a Self Love and Empowerment Coach for women around the world. She teaches people how to create mindfulness in their life through emotional intelligence, meditation and connecting to their soul. She often speaks about Authenticity & Empowerment on her Joyfully You Podcast, where she dives into connecting with your inner child with self-love to be your most confident, motivated, and expressed self. for a more fulfilling life, career, and relationships.

Kelsey is a TEDx Speaker, world traveler of 30 countries, and is deeply devoted to giving people the tools to love and lead in their life. She guides women in a six-month transformational experience with her GLOW Self Love Mastermind. She also offers a Self-Love Journaling exercise with 52 weekly emails providing self-love journal prompts as a spiritual practice to help peel back layers of insecurity and increase your self-esteem with greater self-appreciation, self-forgiveness, and self-confidence to access your highest self. 


Instagram:  @kelseylowshow

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