Interview with Lorraine Hoving

Never Too Late Ever

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Lorraine Hoving

Lorraine Hoving is an eternal optimist, a speaker, an author, a podcaster, and the host of Never Too Late Ever.

Lorraine’s journey started when she woke up at 60 and realized all the goals she had set out for herself; the weight she so desperately wanted to lose, the healthy lifestyle she wanted for herself, and all the ways she wanted to be better organized — it had all eluded her no matter how many New Year’s resolutions she made or new diets she started.

It was on that morning that Lorraine made the choice to dig deep inside her soul and embark on a journey of self-development and discovery. As of today, Lorraine has lost a total of 125lbs, and she is committed to continuing her path to total health and wellness.  She has an enormous passion to share what she has learned and finds it incredibly rewarding to share her story and create a community of people where they are bonded together by the power of change! Lorraine is laser-focused on her mission to inspire others that It Is Never Too Late Ever! Connect with Lorraine on her website and on Facebook.


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