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Phil Goddard

Phil Goddard helps business owners and leaders create a loving, compassionate world of intimate & joyous relationships. As an advocate for loving being human, his clients typically end their tireless quest for self-improvement, and instead find themselves simply enjoying life in harmony with nature and their own wellbeing.

He is an internationally renowned life & relationship coach, speaker, leadership consultant, and lover of life and humanity.  A published author, he is also the host of both The Coaching Life and Naked Hearts Podcasts.  His work centers around transforming relationships and leadership through developing a deeply grounded understanding of the principles behind our human experience and the nature of how our experience of life is created.

With humor and sincerity, he combines over twenty-one years in corporate leadership with sixteen years as a professional coach, to help organizations build harmonious and highly productive teams, and individuals to live their most loving and joyous lives.

He has coached Hollywood actors, international models, journalists, artists, authors, film directors, corporate executives, and numerous business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs.  He is a digital nomad and can often be found on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, where he holds exclusive coaching immersion retreats for individual clients.

He challenges his work on happiness by following a few English sports teams. 

Phil can be contacted via and found on Facebook via

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