Interview with Rob Robson

Financial Fitness – The Offense, Defense and Playing Field of Personal Finance

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Rob Robson

Rob Robson’s success story has been featured in publications such as the #1 bestselling book, Miracle Morning for Network Marketers”, as well as At 21 years old, Rob was able to transition from addiction and depression to being financially independent and a professional speaker in six months through the guidance of mentors and by completely immersing himself into a leadership and personal development curriculum.

Today, Rob and his wife, Kenyon, have a thriving multi-million-dollar business and are living the life they always wanted.  As Life Coaches and Policy Council members of the LIFE business, the Robson’s have become popular keynote speakers and mentors of thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe.

The Robson’s have five children of their own and intend to continue to grow their family by fostering and adopting more.

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