Interview with Susan Proper

Helping Women Overcome Overwhelm & Burnout to Find Ease

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Susan Proper

My path is about sharing self-compassion and life transformation through holistic life coaching, meditation, and women’s retreats – things important to me for other women’s happiness and well-being. It is my passion and dharma to serve other women who are seeking to elevate their personal vision and break through emotional barriers.

As a yin yoga expert and the founder of The Gift of Stillness Online Virtual Retreat Series specializing in yoga nidra, meditation, essential oils, and crystal grids, I help women find their path to their true Self.  All of my classes (whether live or virtual), retreats and workshops, bring students to a place of peaceful self-reflection and personalized self-care; something all of us deserve.

With years of successful travel experience, retreat organization and teaching, I make sure that all my clients, first and foremost, journey within themselves to reconnect and rediscover their heart’s desire and secondly, return home with transformative memories and exceptional experiences that they will treasure forever.

Certified Life Coach; Certified in Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga, Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra, and Yin Yoga (to be completion in 2022); and Sound Healing Practitioner.

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