Interview with Terry Bruce

Liberate Your Elemental Self

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Liberate Your Elemental Self

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Terry Bruce

Terr Bruce is a Yoga Teacher and Shiatsu Practitioner. Her connection with nature is a huge and important aspect of her life. She has taught yoga since 2009, and began her journey with Shiatsu in 2012, qualifying as a practitioner in 2017.

Terry adapts yoga to her students, helping them achieve an ideal blend of ease and challenge. She brings her passion for learning to her indoor, outdoor, and online classes, sharing aspects of anatomy, physiology, philosophy, Chinese 5 Elements, and Shiatsu. The cornerstone of Terry’s teachings is that we are all beings of the wild natural earth, and our bodies hold a deep inner wisdom. With yoga practice and shiatsu treatments, she helps her students and clients find their way back to their bodies, their feelings, instincts, and their true nature of wholeness and healing.

Terry believes passionately that the more we are able to embrace our own experience of life with all the textures and flavors, pinnacles of triumph and chasms of pain, the more joyful we become, and the more happiness and inspiration we bring to those around us. Terry’s passion with both the yoga and shiatsu practices is also in finding ways to ‘be’ more fully with our self, and ultimately ‘be’ more fully our self.

She longs to live outside, and she longs to snuggle up in front of the fire. The paradoxes of life are all around us, and she embraces them where she can. Her yoga practice, being outdoors, being with her family (husband, children, and family dog) and other loved ones, are all part of what she loves in this life! 

Terry Bruce lives on Exmoor in England with her husband and 4 children.


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